Wolf & Light is a full-service creative agency founded by Jordan Light in 2017 specializing in the branding, marketing, and design for a wide variety of companies around the world.  Our team has experience in a wide range of markets including Apparel, Real Estate, Consumer Goods, Ecommerce, and Social Media. 

We provide a wide range of creative services to our clients and we strive to ensure our business partners are satisfied with the work we do. 



I have met many brands and designers with great ideas and tons of passion. However, good plans need to be executed, and it is not easy to know which way to go, and often you get stuck on difficult issues and choices.

As a leader, your decisions and actions are of paramount importance to your brand. You have to make correct and swift choices because your company’s success depends on it, and your co-workers expect it.

With many years of experience working with brands of all sizes, I have had the first-hand experience to the exposure and pressure that comes natural to making any brand succeed.

I started Wolf & Light because my passion is in making good brands great. Feel free to reach out personally if you have any questions. 

Jordan Light


Cell: (858) 472-6031

Email: Jordan@wolfandlight.com         


Owned and operated by Jordan Light but when projects require a larger team we call upon a tight group of incredibly talented freelancers and independent designers to work with us on getting your brand to where it needs to be. We thoroughly select talent to ensure your projects are always in the best of hands. 

We are design-forward, applying strategic design to create breathtaking work. Wolf & Light's talented team holds a fundamental belief that focusing on your customer is paramount to elevating your brand and hitting your business objectives. Each client we take on receives our full attention, and everything we create drives results.